Jazzy + Encinitas

I met this young lady when I started teaching at San Marcos High School. As a teacher, it takes time to learn names and to bond with students but not with this girl. She instantly stood out from the 200 students and became one of my homies. She was very involved with my photo program and took on leadership roles in multiple ways. She was a co-president of my photo club for 2 years and helped me with anything I needed. She took year 1 of photo with me in her junior year. Then took year 2 and was my assistant in her senior year. She’s an awesome girl and I dreaded the day of her graduating. She became such a huge part of my life at work and not having her around is going to be very different. I am starting to realize now, that with my teaching job, losing students is the hardest part of the job. Luckily she is staying local for college and I am able to connect with her but it is not the same. The photos below are from her senior session and it is going to be a sad day when she leaves SMHS. There is more coming soon. These are the ones I have edited so far.