Avery + 27 Months

I have been ignoring my blog and website for awhile and I hate when this happens. I think I need a whiteboard to help stay organized and on top of things.

This is the most recent shoot I did of my niece. I still try to photograph her every single month but I have been slipping when it comes to editing and posting. Trying to find balance between my photo teaching job and my personal photo jobs is challenging. For these photos, we went to Marley Park in Surprise, AZ and just walked around. It was September, so it’s finally not too hot to be outdoors. My niece is wearing glasses now. Might be a temporary thing to help correct an eye issue but even if she wears them forever, she is the cutest little lady ever. She looks like such a big kid now. She is 2 years old now and is talking in almost full sentences. She is obsessed with Trolls and Frozen and a lot of animated movies. She is finally at that age where I can take her on my own and do fun things with her. I took her to Makutu’s Island and she had a blast. Every time I visit her in AZ, we will adventure and have Niece and Tio time. She still calls me “Bubbles” or “Tio Bubbles”. She loves singing to music and she has such a cute little personality. Enjoy the photos….