Avery + 18 Months

My niece is officially a year and a half. She is currently OBSESSED with Trolls and Princess Poppy. She dances to every song and watches it multiple times a day. She is repeating words now and photographing her is getting harder and harder, as she walks away from the camera to explore. For the last shoot, I went out and about with her, so for this shoot, I wanted some classic simple black and white images of her. We sat in the living room, I propped up a black background and used a bright LED light to light her face up. I think she does everything in her power to not make eye contact. I am definitely going to have to get creative and find new ways to get her to look at the camera. I think my biggest mistake is not using a tripod and hiding behind the camera. Kids need to see my face and not a big lens. I think I just cracked the code to get her to look at me. I’ll be right back.