Avery + 17 Months

My little lady turned 17 months and for this months photoshoot, me and my sister decided to take her to downtown Phoenix, in the Arts District. A couple months back, I went to a mall and saw that Forever21 had a line of Polaroid and Kodak clothes. I bought a few things for myself and a Kodak sweater for my niece. I imagined her wearing it oversized for a future shoot and this was that shoot. When I was in my teens and just starting photography, this is where I use to take models to photograph. This area has become oversaturated with photographers now but it’s still one of my favorite areas to photograph in. Avery is now walking very confidently and that definitely makes it harder to photographer her. She is dancing a lot now and repeating words.

Avery + 16 Months

My little niece is 16 months old. She is walking very confidently now. She is starting to say words like “Amen, Meow, and Dog”. She loves the song “Baby Shark” and loves to dance. She is really funny right now. She yells “Ahhhh” when you play with her. She scraped her little knees during this shoot because she insists on walking all the time. I visited her in Surprise, AZ and took her pictures around Marley Park.

Stephanie + Downtown Oside

Stephanie is a senior and is one of the raddest girls I have met. She doesn’t fit into any stereotypical mold. She is unapologetically herself. She is super down to earth, chill, vegan and has a great sense of humor. For her session, we explored downtown Oceanside looking for new areas. Her mom Andrea, and sister Michelle, came along for the shoot (as well as Josh who was assisting me). This family has a big personality and they instantly make you feel like you are a part of the family. Don’t let the girly clothes fool you, Stephanie plays rugby for her high school team and is a tough chick.

Jenna + Downtown Oside

When I moved to California a year ago, Jenna was the first student that I connected with. She is also the first student who asked me to start up a photo club at our school and shortly after, she became the president of my photo club. She is also an ASB member, loves Taylor Swift (we both do) and she is just an all around excellent student and human being. Jenna is full of energy and one of the most honest and positive students I have come across. For our shoot, we met up and parked by the Oceanside Pier and we started at the beach and then wandered around the area, looking for those perfect photo spots. Huge shout out to Jazmine for coming along and assisting me. She was a trooper. Your shoot is next Jazzy.

Cameras used: Canon 70D & Canon 80D. Lenses used: 50mm f/1.2, 24-70mm f/2.4, 70-200 f/2.

Avery + 14 Months

Avery + 13 Months

My Niece Avery came to visit me here in San Diego. She is almost ready to start walking. She will walk as long as you give her your fingers to hold. She doesn’t really need them but I think it’s a confidence thing. She loves the sand, loves to get dirty and is not scared of the ocean at all. I don’t really get in the water, so we usually take naps on the beach while everyone else goes in the water. These were taken at Oceanside Pier.